About Aristo

Aristo AB is a manufacturer of paperboard boxes and paper bags

Aristo is a market leading manufacturer of paperboard boxes and paper bags - serving customers primarily within bakery & confectionery, food-to-go & quick service restaurants, and food retailers. We offer several opportunities of product customisation.

Company history

Beginning of the 1900s

From a small factory in Falköping, to a market leading player in the food packaging industry, Aristo AB has a long and proud history of progress.


1921 - One of the oldest companies in Sweden

The history of Aristo began in 1915 when Gideon Gustafsson established a factory in Falköping, Sweden. The company served the local market with packaging solutions. In 1921, the business was restructured to a private company – Aristo AB was established. 

1930 - Suitcases and hat boxes

Production was located in the old town of Falköping and grew rapidly. In the 1920s, the business was focused on serving businesses with various boxes, including suitcases and hat boxes.


1940 - The Bakery industry flourished

The bakery industry in Sweden was growing fast in the 1940s. Aristo AB served the growing industry with cake boxes. When the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1946, the production of cake boxes reached 30 000 units per day.  


1950 - Paperboard as the key raw material

The famous “unica-box”, inspired by the American lunch box for workers, was one of the most popular products.

In the late 1950s, paperboard became the main source of raw material.

1970/80 - Food packaging and take-away

During the 1970s, Aristo AB focused the product range to mainly service the food and bakery industry. Suitcases, hat boxes and other non-food products were phased-out.

Pizza had a huge breakthrough in Sweden and Aristo AB was adapting to the recent food trend by offering pizza boxes to the restaurants.

2000 - Expansion of production capabilities

After years of rapid growth, Aristo AB increased its production capabilities by building a new production facility.

Between 2000-2015, large investments were made to modernise and update the machine fleet in the factory.

2021: We celebrate 100 years as a private company!

In 2021, Aristo AB celebrated its 100th anniversary as a private company. We will continue to serve our customers with high-quality paperboard boxes and paper bags. 

As a leading player in the food industry, sustainability is core to our business model. We maintain the most highly recognised standards for food safety and quality consistency.

Our vision is to be one of the best food packaging manufacturer in the industry – by delivering excellence defined by superior quality, customer service, and continuous improvement.