Pizza boxes, Corrugated cardboard boxes, Spacers

Aristo AB has been a supplier of pizza boxes ever since this new food tradition was established in the Nordic region.

For those customers who want the best quality of pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes and spacers, we have what you need.

Aristo manufactures and distributes a wide range of unprinted cartons and classic pizza cartons. We also have a lot of varieties of genuine Italian pizza boxes in corrugated cardboard.

All cartons are delivered wrapped in plastic for best hygiene. The cardboard raw material is of the highest Scandinavian quality.
We work closely with you as a customer and make sure to get the boxes and packaging that meet your needs.

It is far too rare for the box to say anything about where you bought your pizza. Having your logo on packaging should be a matter of course. We help you profile your pizzeria or restaurant in the best way.

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